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Our history

thiersThe firm was founded in 2002 by Mr Philippe FROMENT. The CAPDECO company open its doors in Thiers which is the French capital of the cutlery industry and where knives are made for more than 6 centuries. Heiress of a know-how for generations, the Froment family started its business in 1963 in a small workshop created by Philippe's father: Camille Froment. Originally, the company's business was only focused on the subcontracting in cutlery industry.

The company's business developed then quickly. Willing to produce and to market a quality finished product and demonstrating his know-how of cutler, Philippe decided to create the Capdeco manufacturer company of flatware.

Today, it is with Edouard Froment, representing the 3rd generation of cutler, that the Capdeco companis carrying on the cutler tradition with a touch of modernity.

Using the know-how passed on from one generation to the next, Edouard and Philippe as well as their collaborators propose you a wide range of flatware of an irreproachable quality and totally made in Thiers.

The CAPDECO collection
With the flatware collection of Capdeco, it is an opportunity to let express himself your desires and your personality every time you make up a table. With the guaranteeof having an impeccable quality of manufacture, any freedom is given to you to play the infinity with the styles, the materials or the colors. Porcelain plates of Limoges or polished slate plates, crystal glassware or beakers of color... Whether you are a follower of the most contemporary design or whether you prefer a "in good taste" classicism, whether you opt for the sobriety or for the exuberance, our numerous models will allow you to find every time the perfect harmony.And the result, warm, harmonious, will always be up to your expectations: the faithful reflection of

We share the full Capdeco product catalog with our authorized retailers via Shop Local's Brand Syncing service
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